Designing the perfect New European Bauhaus neighbourhood

Designing the perfect New European Bauhaus neighbourhood

SHAFE meets the New European Bauhaus

Online event on April 9th, 14.00-16.00 hours CET

Designing the perfect NEB neighbourhood will be a multicooker event with participants from different stakeholder groups to draw the ultimate New Bauhaus neighbourhood of citizens.

We will focus on the average EU family named Garcia, consisting of grandparents, parents and children. Like other European families, the Garcia family has several strengths and happy moments, but also their challenges, such as cognitive decline, mobility, loneliness, diabetes and mental health issues.

The New European Bauhaus neighbourhood welcomes the Garcia family as their new home. But how should the NEB neighbourhood look to facilitate a healthy life and well-being of the Garcias? Which facilities comprise the neighbourhood’s sustainable housing and infrastructure to support mobility and cognitive challenges? How do we address diabetes and mental health issues in architecture and digital solutions? How do we support a healthy lifestyle and promote green behaviour?

Based on extensive co-creation work with citizens on smart, sustainable and inclusive environments during the past five years, the SHAFE Foundation identified the members of the Garcia family as personas. The collection of personas represents the diverse European population who wants to have or find a home in Europe.

Using the NEB inspiring examples of smart, architectural, sustainable housing, the event will create a collective collage of the NEB neighbourhood, including appropriate elements, such as the Recyclinghaus, ELEMENTerial bus stop, Sara culture centre and hotel, Common Ground. Each member of the Garcia family will find their way in the Neighbourhood.

Short papers and drawings (as result of the meeting) will address the conditions, successes and barriers to health, well-being and inclusion. At the end, a New European Bauhaus roadmap for happier families like the Garcias will be created and released.

Structure of the meeting:


      • Introduction of the personas and their happiness and challenges

      • Introduction of smart healthy inclusive age-friendly environments approaches

      • Introduction of the New European Bauhaus inspiring examples

      • The audience chooses the 5 most inspiring examples

      • The participants come together in 5 breakout rooms to discuss the requirements to offer a home to the Garcias

      • Plenary meeting to present the outcomes and to define the roadmap ingredients.